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Hi, I'm Jillian Tang, a BS and MS candidate at Stanford in Computer Science! My research interests are in NLP and statistics—read more below! I'm also really excited about guided weather balloons, CS education, and spreadsheets.

About me

I am a BS and MS candidate in Computer Science at Stanford.

I'm a member of the Stanford NLP group, working with Prof. Chris Manning. I'm currently working on generative modeling for unsupervised dialogue act induction with Ashwin Paranjape. I also do research in statistics and am particularly interested in biomedical applications. Previously, I developed novel methods for N-of-1 patient trials with Prof. Reid Landes at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

Outside of research, I'm a section leader for Stanford's CS106 classes and run Stanford ACM's ACMLab research group. I also co-lead Project Cycloon in the Stanford Student Space Initiative.

In my spare time, you can find me playing the piano, hiking, and gravitating towards the closest dog to pet.

I can be reached at jiltang [at] cs.stanford.edu.


*equal contribution


A balloon against a night sky

Project Cycloon

I co-lead the Project Cycloon team in the Stanford Student Space Initiative, where we're developing novel balloon-dropsonde sensor systems for low-cost, high-accuracy monitoring of hurricanes and tropical cyclones. Read about our award-winning design here!

A screenshot of the course planning tool

Ultimate Course Planner

This gigantic Google Sheet has customizable color-coded departments, smart dropdown menus, and all 14,813 Stanford courses to choose from. Built with a friend, we currently have several hundred users!

Karel, the mascot of the section leading program

Section Leading

I'm a senior section leader for Stanford's CS 106 program, where I teach weekly sections covering topics from recursion to data structures. I also develop features for the CS 106B website and for Paperless, our student management and grading tool.

In Summer 2020, I was really excited to be able to work with the first virtual CS Bridge program, teaching programming to high school students in Turkey and the Czech Republic—I'm currently developing a smaller version of the program to reach out to local communities!

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I'm a co-founder of Stanford ACM's ACMLab, a research club to develop machine learning and AI skills for Stanford undergrads. I co-developed and help teach a weekly workshop series covering fundamental concepts of deep learning, which are then applied towards intensive multi-quarter projects. Please reach out to me if you're interested in applying to join our research teams!